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Thursday - Oct 19th, 2017


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VegRDS βeta is:

  • A Resource
  • A Repository
  • A Revolution
  • A Focus on the Recipes, Simplified

Simple to store and find, simple to view, use, and share.

A crowdsourced production where everyone with a hunger or a recipe for plant-based goodness can participate.

Swipe and click or tap through the directory. Find stories, picture, video and of course complete recipes.

Next, Join Us! and create your own!

  1. Register an Account
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    • Or just fill out the form.
  2. Find your My Recipes Listing
    • Add recipes, stories, images, and more. Edit anytime. It's flexible.
    • Choose and place your recipes in Sub-Categories
    • Publish recipes when you are are ready to share. No rush.
  3. View them in this directory. Anytime, on any net connected screen.

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